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Religious Paintings

Welcome to Novica's Religious Painting Gallery! We hope you enjoy exploring our religious paintings below:

Popular Religious Paintings

Religious Paintings

Artists convey the uniqueness of their country's spirituality through exceptional religious paintings. At Novica we treasure their work, for they teach us the essence of their faiths, including as Buddhism, Christian and Hinduism, as well the tribal beliefs of West Africa.

Artists from Thailand honor Buddha with surrealist paintings that inspire serenity. In Peru, artists make portrait paintings of the Holy Family, Saints and angels in a religious painting movement known as the Cuzco School of Religious Portraiture. In India, artists use natural dyes for their colorful Madhubani and miniature paintings depicting the Hindu Parthenon. The arid lands of Africa inspire brown paintings that exemplify the power of an ancestor's mask or the story behind the Akuaba fertility doll of the Ashanti people.